Howard Schultz to Participate Presidential Run

Former CEO of Starbucks, Howard Schultz is considering to enter presidential run this year. According to a trail of tweets by him, he said that current political parties performing in the U.S. were more divided than ever.

He wants to bring people together to create opportunities, he posted through a tweet.

He had been a Democrat, although criticized current two political parties as a dominating system, amid an interview with CBS. Further, Schultz said that the U.S. has been suffering from a most sensitive time where the country has an unqualified president. And both political parties are not performing up to the mark. They have been failed to do what is necessary on behalf of the U.S. citizens. Parties seem to spend all the time in revenge politics, he added.

Another potential presidential candidate, Julián Castro is one of them ho had criticized Mr. Schultz for his recent move. While speaking to the media Castro said that Schultz’s participation in presidential race could give President Trump a great opportunity to get re-elected by dividing the opposition votes. Castro also said that he wants to suggest to Schultz to re-think about the negative impact before he actually performs.

Rejecting Castro’s criticism, Schultz said that he wants to see America win. He said he don’t have any concerns with anyone whether he is a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and so on. Schultz is evoking Americans to bring their ideas to him, and he will embrace all those ideas.

The former Starbucks CEO had spent his youth in public housing in New York. He had joined the Starbucks in early 1982 when the coffee chain had just 11 outlets. Back in 1987 he obtained the company and withdrawn from his post in 2018. At present, companies 28,000 outlets spread across 77 countries worldwide.

Schultz has been continuously expressing his views about several social issues including gun control and immigration. He holds worth of approx $3 billion, regularly donates funds to Democrat campaigns, where Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton also contributes.


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