Alibaba Potentially Struggling Amid China Economy Slowdown

Chinese leading e-commerce company, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is showing concerns about its performance amid economy slow down. The company offer sings to a middle-class community in China and how it is steering the slowdown by revealing its profit on 30th Jan. 2019. Actually, company revenue is likely to climb by 44 percent during the third quarter. The growth seems the slowest among all quarter’s growth which possibly leads to show a rise in consumer dissatisfaction.

The company has significance in terms of creating online shopping trade of more than a trillion which was the highest achievement of the company. However, the blistering market growth made it an investor with decreased progression. And buyers also prefer to purchase a small number of washing machines and phones as they get attracted back to marketing by merchants.

An industry expert, Elinor Leung said that Chinese online sector had suffered from an unsatisfied year, as the sector performed hardly well than estimated. E-commerce had reported the worst earnings version by ending up with disappointing results.

The company cast off about $120 billion of market value on Friday as the investors have been frightened by volatile market situations emerged by U.S. and China trade tensions. It is also driving investors to shift their focus to other sectors such as technology and so on. Even so, the company has been performing as a driving factor of the nation to counterbalance growth toward services. It is also bringing investments to create online platforms such as entertainment to challenge the Tencent Holding Co.


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