There Is a Major Problem At The Back Of the US Shale Boom

There Is a Major Problem At The Back Of the US Shale Boom

It is expected that the Shale Production in the US will keep on rising even into the 2020s period, which is quite a big problem. Over the last ten years, oil production in the US has gone up from 5 million barrels every day to nearly 12 million barrels per day. There has also been a significant rise in Natural Gas as well. Natural Gas managed to rise from an amount of 21 trillion cubic feet per year back in 2008 to 29 trillion cubic feet per year in the year 2017. Natural Gas has been preferred to bridge fuel, as it allows the US to lower down the emissions of greenhouse gases, in the transition to cleaner energy.

Now, let us talk about crude oil. A rise in the level of oil production in the US and the impact on greenhouse gas emissions out of it has not got studied too much. Daniel Raimi of Resources for the Future has come out with a new report. It has studied the impact on Green House Gas Emissions from a number of oil production situations in the future. Raimi has even chalked out different instances while looking at the Green House Gas impact of oil and gas production in the US.

Raimi found out that emissions of Green House Gases turn out to be the highest in all those instances, in which the United States happens to produce more oil compared to the baseline reference case of EIA. As per Raimi’s study, if one assumes the total implementation of the Clean Power Plan, still the emissions are higher in the scenario of high oil production. It is even when it gets compared to the no CPP but still a lower production level of oil and gas.


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