Human Beings Could Get Infected From Zombie Deer Disease

Human Beings Could Get Infected From Zombie Deer Disease

The cases related to zombie deer disease are cropping up all across the Midwest. It might well sound as if it is a scene right out of a horror movie but experts are indeed issuing warnings that this disease could well pose a threat to human beings. This illness is actually known as Chronic Wasting Disease. It affects moose, elk, and free-ranging deer. This Chronic Wasting Disease leads to the erosion of the brain, which results in the salivation from animals. The salivation makes animals lethargic, which in turn put them in a state similar to that of a zombie.

The US CDC has said that a minimum of 24 states has already reported different cases of this disease. It is thought that the disease spreads from one animal to another once they come in contact with any kind of contaminated fluid and tissue. Transmission of this disease can even occur indirectly through exposures in the environment like the drinking water, which happens to be tainted or any similar situation even with food. The Wildlife Chief of the Division of Natural Resources in Iowa, David Garner said that animals cannot get rid of this wasting disease. He further said that, as of now, there is no cure for this disease. So, he believes that till a deer will be on the landscape and it keeps on spreading from one animal to another, animals would continue to get infected by this disease.

CDC has come out with certain recommendations, following which can help people stay safe and thus decrease the possible risk of exposure to this disease. They have asked that people must neither handle nor eat deer meat. Moreover, hunters must ensure that they wear gloves while dressing any deer and get the meat tested before consuming it.


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