All These Apps Had Shared Sensitive Personal Data with Facebook

All These Apps Had Shared Sensitive Personal Data with Facebook

There are times when people should not only blame Facebook for violation of privacy on their social media platform. Wall Street Journal’s investigation found out that there are also 11 very well-known applications involved in this. They transmit possibly sensitive personal information including body weight and menstrual cycles to Facebook. There is also an issue with regard to an analytics tool named App Events. It is a plug and plays Software Development Kit. It assists developers to set up custom trackers of user activity. These, in turn, get translated into ad targeting data. Wall Street Journal believes that Facebook is not the only organization to offer this type of tool. There are also other applications involved in all this. They are equally responsible for data leaks.

To get the idea about how this Software Development Kit is used, the Wall Street Journal has made use of the software. This helped them analyse the communications carried out over the internet. They had looked at more than 70 applications. The report from their analysis said that a minimum of 11 applications had sent sensitive personal information to Facebook. Information was regarding the behavioural pattern of the users. Their focus was on five applications. They include the likes of Instant Heart Rate,, Meditation app Breethe, Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker and Better Me.

Whatever has already come out with regard to disclosure of sensitive personal data to Facebook. Still, there is a long way to go. A distinct possibility is that the violation of the social media giant’s SDK is more widespread than anyone has realized. The Office of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made an announcement. It said that they are directing the Department of Financial Services and other state agencies to start investigating into the third-party dealings of Facebook.


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