Air Cargo Jet of Amazon Crashed Leading to the Death of 3 People On board

Air Cargo Jet of Amazon Crashed Leading to the Death of 3 People On board

As per reports, it is presumed that three people have died out of the crash of an Amazon Air Cargo flight in Texas. The flight was operated by Atlas Air. Atlas Air has put out a statement, where they said that a search operation is underway for those people, who were on board. Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Amazon, Dave Clark gave a statement regarding this incident. He said that the thoughts and prayers remain with the crew members of the flight, along with their families, friends and the whole team at Atlas Air. He had a word of appreciation for all those initial responders, who had worked on an urgent basis to provide the much-needed support.

The Atlas Air Flight 3591 was traveling from Houston to Miami. The Federal Aviation Administration said through a statement that the plane had lost signal around 30 miles to the southwest direction of Houston George Bush International Airport. At that moment, after seeing the situation, The Federal Aviation Administration had issued a notice of alert. The Airline’s pilots, which the Amazon Air contracts told media that the payment and the kind of benefits they receive are both below the standards set by this industry. The Pilots further went on to say that due to this reason, the pilots working with Amazon Air are much less experienced.

An Atlas Pilot and Executive Council Chairman of Teamsters Local 1224, Captain Robert Kirchner along with other pilots said the company giving contracts to DHL, Amazon, and other carriers, make pilots work beyond their capacity. Kirchner said that they do not take note of the fatigue factor for pilots. So, it is important to keep showing them the schedules under which they work, which ultimately lead to fatigue.


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