One Can Change the Colour of Smart Lights through the Google Home App

During the fall, Google had redesigned its Home app in quite a substantial manner. They had done it by getting the app change into a type of commander centre for all the gadgets in a smart home, compatible with Google Assistant. Google even managed to move a number of extremely useful toggles along with controls into its Home app. plus they also went on to put a totally centralized hub in one’s hand. Still, it did not take into account each and everything. For example, the Home app did not allow the color change of one’s smart lights, till this point in time.

Google has now come up with the very recent update of its Google Home app. This update sees an addition of a new stream of color, which one can choose for each and every smart light and quickly change their color. Here the options provided are quite limited as compared to the wider palette of colours, which one can easily use through an app from organizations like LIFX or Philips. For both these companies, one can pick somewhere between 42 color choices with the Home app. It clearly shows that there are a lot of options, which are available if anyone wants to change something over other than white without messing things up with more than one app.

Despite the convenient option to change the color of smart lights, there is an annoying thing that exists in the Home app. It does not display the color of each and every bulb that has been currently set. It merely shows if they are on or off along with the level of brightness. The Google Home’s latest version along with their brand new picker of smart light color is now available both on Android and iOS.


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