Many Michigan-Based Productions Stopped, Conserving Natural Gas for Frosty Winter

On Wednesday, General Motors Co. has affirmed that it will temporarily halt operations at 11 plants situated in Michigan and Warren Tech Center as the utility urged the company to reduce usage of natural gas and focus to conserve it amid extremely cold winters. Similarly, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV also declared that it had suspended a shift on Thursday at Sterling Heights and Warren Truck plants. We are willing to cancel another shift also for an emergency.

GM had informed its worker to not to attend shifts on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning shifts at Flint Assembly, Lansing Delta Assembly, Orion Assembly, and Lansing Grand River Assembly along with remaining stamping and transmission plants. Apart from that, the company is continually analysis when to start operations and when to order the worker to get back to their work. Employees, who have been working at Warren Tech Center are also told to remain at home on Thursday.

Massive businesses including Ford Motor Co., GM Co., Fiat Chrysler and more had consented to temporarily halt production processes at their plants till Friday as they were informed by Michigan facility to help to conserve natural gas to tackle deadly cold, Patricia Poppe, CEO of CMS Energy, Michigan, said through a video posted on Facebook. The quantity of natural gas has been conserved by production cut at manufacturing plants is not enough, thus, Poppe additionally advising 1.8 million customers to reduce the usage of thermostats to provide sufficient natural gas to emergency areas as hospitals and nursing homes. Poppe urged Michigan consumers to take immediate action.

We are endeavoring to reduce the use of energy by cutting off production at four Michigan plants supplied by Consumers Energy, though it is not enough to fulfill the overall natural gas requirement, Ford Motor spokeswoman confessed. The company had stopped paint process at its Michigan Assembly and halted heat processes at Sterling Axle. It has also lowered heating levels at Dyke Transmission and Livonia Transmission, she added further. Michigan utility had rummaged all possible ways and also urged residents to reduce natural gas use by altering through messages.


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