China & U.S. Dominating Artificial Intelligence Field, said WIPO

China and the U.S. are most prominent regions who have been vigorously performing in the field of artificial intelligence; the U.N. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) unveiled the finding. According to the study, the U.S.-based IT company has been holding 8,290 patent portfolio which exceeds from Japanese conglomerate Microsoft’s 5,930 AI patents. Whereas, China-based 17 academic institutions who are involved in AI, robustly performing in the rapidly growing area of machine-learning tech including advancement regarding speech recognition systems.

WIPO Director-General, Francis Gurry had told the media that, the U.S. and China are undoubtedly ahead of the curve. They are dominating all facets of AI including applications and scientific publications also. U.S. President Donald Trump has accused China of stealing American innovations and technology and has slapped trade tariffs on $234 billion of Chinese goods to punish Beijing. Previously, Trump administration has alleged China for thieving innovations and technologies evolved in the U.S. and imposed trade tariffs on $234 billion of China goods. As answering to defamatory allegations, China had firmly opposed all criticism made by other allies mentioning the country had stolen intellectual property and confidential technology.

Mr Gurry admitted that the U.S. had alleged China with such accusations, but China undoubtedly encompassed high-end intellectual property system including many domestic patents and largest patent office. China had proven itself as an influential player in the field of intellectual property, he added.

WIPO presented the finding derived from the study of international patent filings, scientific publications, acquisition activity, and litigation filings. The patent application for machine learning includes ride-sharing service techniques that minimize roundabout route journey, had reported annual growth of 28 percent from 2013 and 2016. Deep-learning technology has reported a substantial growth which exceeds the growth of robotics because it has filled 118 patent applications in 2013. While computer vision technology, which is typically inhabited in self-driving vehicles, reported 49 percent of all AI-related patents.


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