Elon Musk Discloses the Price Plan for a Return Ticket to Mars In Future

Elon Musk Discloses the Price Plan for a Return Ticket to Mars In Future

Elon Musk, the owner of SpaceX is looking forward to sending human beings to Mars within the next 10 years. On Monday, he claimed that one day, the cost of a ticket will enable people in advanced economies to willingly give up their residences on Earth and move towards settling down in Mars. Through Twitter, the CEO of SpaceX said that he is quite confident about moving over to Mars someday when the cost of one return ticket will be $500,000. There is also a possibility that the price might drop further be settle at a price less than $100,000. Elon Musk said that the figures completely depend upon volume.

The topic related to the cost of the return ticket to Mars has come up as SpaceX is putting their work to complete the Star ship. Star ship is a completely reusable stainless steel vehicle, particularly designed to easily transport nearly 100 human beings to Mars and even beyond it. This Star ship makes use of liquid oxygen and methane to provide power to its Raptor engines. Musk even claimed on Monday that there is a definite path towards building the Star ship for less than the Falcon 9, which SpaceX currently uses to send satellites over to space. The estimated cost is set to be at a price of $6.2 million.

SpaceX intends to send the first set of people over to Mars in 5 years’ time from now, in 2024. The distance to Mars is in all probability be covered in a period of three to six months. The first set of visitors would have the task to set up systems like recycling energy and surface mobility before they can turn their attention towards building out into more than one Martian city.


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