Majority of People in New York Want the HQ2 of Amazon to Be In Queens

Majority of People in New York Want the HQ2 of Amazon to Be In Queens

A major chunk of state voters in New York is in support of the $3 billion deal to have Amazon’s HQ2 in Queens. Minorities form a large part of the people who are in support of this deal. The poll conducted in the Siena College had asked whether the voters approve or disapprove the deal between New York and Amazon that grants up to an amount of $3 billion in State as well as City incentives to Amazon. This is in return for Amazon moving their corporate offices to Queens, which is projected to generate 25000 jobs.

The New York City saw, 58 percent of all the registered voters had supported the plan, whereas 35 percent had opposed. Pollster Don Levy said that though Amazon will be re-examining the deal for relocating to Queens, still the voters in New York will not approve the deals by twenty points. He further went on to add that in New York City, where certain local activists have opposed the deals, voters, on the other hand, have approved the deal by 23 points. Minorities happened to be the biggest boosters for Amazon. As far as the black voters are concerned, 70 percent of them had backed the deal, whereas only 25 percent of them raised objections.

Amazon has been inhospitable to unions, for which they have received criticism. Still, voters in union households provide support towards bringing Amazon to the Big Apple. The poll conducted in Siena happened to be more bullish on the Amazon deal than it was the case during the survey conducted at the Quinnipiac University in December. The survey saw 46 percent of voters in New York City approving the incentive package, while 44 percent did not.


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