Bad News for All Those Who Applied For a Trip to Mars

Bad News for All Those Who Applied For a Trip to Mars

Mars One Ventures was an organization, which had planned to send 24 people for a one-way trip to Mars. Now, the bad news is that the company has gone bankrupt. Reports suggest that there are a number of people who already suspected that this whole thing was nothing but a big scam. It was because they were sure that the company did not possess any concrete plan on exactly they would actually transport human beings to Mars. The notices from a Swiss financial has confirmed the bankruptcy of Mars One Ventures.

The bankruptcy had taken effect on 15th January, was spotted first up by a user on Reddit along with the Dutch entrepreneur who had started the organization. The Entrepreneur has said that the Mars One Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, still continues to operate. This is despite the organization lacking in funds to do anything substantial. He even went on to confirm that only the profitable arm of Mars One Ventures has got dissolved. A post, which was later on deleted from the website of Mars one suggested that the organization, Mars One Ventures is presently working towards a solution for the problem with an investor.

On Tuesday, another post had come up on the website, where the company said that a new investor would reveal their plans for the organization on 6th March. In order to execute the actual travel to Mars, the company would keep on seeking strategic collaboration with esteemed companies who are involved with the travel to the Red Planet. Mars One would itself focus on the more inspiring adventurous story of all those humans who actually live on Mars, thus going to make the Red Plant their new place for habitat.


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