Spread Of Measles Outbreak in US Make Calls for Vaccination Get Louder

Spread Of Measles Outbreak in US Make Calls for Vaccination Get Louder

Health officials are making an urge for people to receive vaccinations after the outbreak of measles in the state of Washington. Statements have come from a paediatrician at SSM Health in Stoughton, named Dr. Tom Murwin. He has said that he himself makes an attempt to convince parents for getting their kids vaccinated so that they can help avoid outbreaks from spreading in a rapid manner. Plus, vaccination would also help to prevent kids from getting contracted. The Paediatrician further goes on to say that he has clearly told parents that he would need to conduct more tests as their child is at a risk for getting infected as he or she has not been vaccinated.

Dr. Murwin has even said that he has heard about a number of reasons due to which people do not usually intend to let their kids have the vaccination. The reasons tend to range right from religion to make a link between autism and vaccination and also to the belief that vaccines happen to be a hoax from the government and a ploy by Big Pharma. The doctor has gone on to say that almost all the reasons stated by parents for not getting children vaccinated are not backed by scientific facts. He clearly states that autism tends to occur among kids at a specific rate.

Murwin said that if people look at all those kids who got vaccinated from measles, that rate is in no way higher than those who got the vaccine. The doctor said that all those who have symptoms of measles, they must not go to the hospital as it is extremely contagious. Rather, they should call up their physicians and ask for appropriate advice to go ahead accordingly.


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