Bangkok Suffocated in Toxic Smog

World’s most visited city, Bangkok seems to be chocked with planet’s most hazardous toxic smog, a report says. Specifically, the morning air in Bangkok is tended to more gray shade and getting thicker from a few days. A seasonal weather change is also blocking the dangerous smoke and factory fumes from evaporation. The weather and especially the air in Bankok is getting worse than in most polluted cities including New Delhi and Shanghai. Junta government of Thailand have suggested citizens to not to wander outdoor during deadly pollution is at the peak. It also ordered to suppress grimy vehicles and building that contains most of the muck. The agencies also deeply plunged to demolish the mist, but the fog has stumbled at a certain point and indicated that it needs a long time effort to fight against pollution.

The regional coordinator for chemicals waste and air quality, Kakuko Nagatani-Yoshida had said that Bangkok roads have been overflowing with cars and other vehicles since last months. Similarly, the city is filled with construction cranes. Bangkok is suffering from regular air pollution, but this week has reached the unhealthiest stage. The city of vibrant streets and about 10 million residents is one of the most unfortunate cities who has been confronting against lash of lethal air pollution. Considering the estimation of the World Bank, it has lost over $5 trillion of welfare in 2013. Air pollution in Bangkok have bullied the health and forced back millions of tourists from the city which is leading to impact unfavorably on the Thai economy.

Thailand tourism authority, who strives to bring billion of tourists at Bangkok has undergone through a small threat of decreasing count of visitors by smoky exposure of the city. The Deputy Governor Srisuda Wanapinyosak said that the pollution is defiantly a personal concern as a resident of Bangkok, but it is still a small issue for the tourism industry. Most of the visitors prefer to spend time on the beach or at an island where they did not suffer from the problem. According to a study, tourists often select their holiday destinations after considering concerns regarding weather and pollution. Kakuko Nagatani-Yoshida said that nobody would like to be worried about the pollution and weather problems once they are out for the vacations. Rooftop bars and restaurants are most attracted places in Bangkok, but if the visitors failed to see even the skyline then city tourism will defiantly exhibit unpleasant results, she added.


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