Facebook Might Remove the Recommendations On Anti Vaccines

Facebook Might Remove the Recommendations On Anti Vaccines

Facebook is under tremendous pressure to reduce the kind of content, which are harmful, misleading as well as not real. They have said that they are looking at options to remove information related to anti-vaccines from software systems, which give recommendations for other things to read on their social network. Information that discourages people to get vaccines for their children has spread like wildfire on Facebook. This might well have contributed to a rise in the measles outbreaks. On Thursday, this particular crisis managed to draw the attention of Representative Adam Schiff, who had sent a letter to the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg along with the Google Head, Sundar Pichai. He had asked them to find a solution to the problem.

Facebook responded to the request by saying that they are looking at all the additional measures, which would help them to tackle this problem in the best possible manner. Measures might include, either reduction or removal of this kind of content from the section, recommendations, which also include Groups You Should Join and thus get all these demoted in the search results. On the other hand, Google did not respond immediately to comment on the letter put forward by Schiff. Though, they have already been taking necessary measures to combat this issue.

Adam Schiff went on to cite different reasons why tech companies must take action. The World Health Organization has already listed the refusal or reluctance to receive vaccines as a big threat to health at a global level this year. Schiff even said that there is strong evidence, which shows, part of the source of this particular trend happens to be the degree to which inaccurate information related to vaccines surface on the websites where a number of Americans receive information.


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