The Firm Grip of Steam on PC Gaming Has Most Probably Come To an End

The Firm Grip of Steam on PC Gaming Has Most Probably Come To an End

During the fag end of January, Metro Exodus was pulled out from Steam by Deep Silver and had gone on to move it to the Store of Epic Games. It turned out to be the latest in a number of high-profile defections, which was perhaps made more significant as it had come only two weeks before the release date of Metro on 15th February. Particular sections of the internet were happy while others had gone mad about the move. The PC gamers have vowed to boycott Metro, the Epic Games Store as well as any other game that did not grace the storefront of Steam.

There is a possibility that the gamers might win. Just like a number of storefronts before this, the Epic Games Store could still go on to fail. Though it is evident that they have the financial backing of one of the most popular PC games in the whole world still, there are times when the figures do not make any sense. Exactly, this is what has happened in this case. Epic Games will either fold up or they would become semi-irrelevant like most of the competitors of Steam. Still, it does not matter too much.

Irrespective of whether Epic Games succeeds or it does not, Steam has already lost the battle. The days when Valve used to have a monopoly over all the matters have come to an end. Whatever happens, the Epic Games Store is filled with shortfalls. Still, they have managed to wade into the fray with sufficient money and make publishers speed up their existing plans. Gamers may not like it but the time for a unified storefront on Personal Computers is over. They will not come back.


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