Amazon Will Not Come To Missouri Till the State Keeps On Discriminating

Amazon Will Not Come To Missouri Till the State Keeps On Discriminating

As a response to the report that Amazon will not relocate their HQ2 in New York, there were people who thought that the Bronx cheer from Queens was what the company deserved. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos said through Twitter that it is unfortunate the politicians of New York failed to see the kind of economic boost, which would come from the new set of 25000 jobs. After this, Bezos said that Missouri is ready for business.

The people staying in New York saw, what the Governor of the place did not. It was the sweeteners amounting to $3 billion. To go with this was a private helipad, which happened to be quite a ridiculous bribe to an organization that was worth $797 billion. A magazine in New York had put in their publication that in a place like New York, 25000 jobs would turn out to be an error. Being ready for business basically meant a place, which had a lower level of taxes and lesser regulations.

The State Representative, Greg Razer, who is an open gay Democrat from the Kansas City, was unsuccessful in trying to add protections of LGBT to the rules of Missouri House in the previous month. There are other measures as well, which add certain basic protections of discrimination for LGBT Missourians to state law, which did not succeed. In December, Governor Parson had said that he was open towards extending protections on discriminations meted out to the LGBT community in Missouri. The Mayor, Pro Tem Scott Wagner said that the Governor seemed quite desperate in what he was trying to do. He said rather than offering incentives, the Governor could say that they are making Missouri a place, in which everyone would be welcome and stay protected from discrimination.


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