Perdue Foods Recalled Wood-Contaminated Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Foods Recalled Wood-Contaminated Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Foods, the Maryland-based company, who majorly processes chicken, turkey, and pork in the factory, announced a voluntary recall for its chicken nuggets. The company has recalled as much as 70,000 pounds of frozen chicken nuggets as it has doubts if they have been contaminated with wood. The recall will include all amounts of nuggets which were sold across the nation. According to the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service Department, the company has recalled the product which was packed in plastic bag packets written Organics Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets Gluten Free.

As per reported by the department, the issue was identified when the company received complaints from three consumers who found wood in their nuggets. After these complaints, the company took a decision to recall the particular batch of chicken nuggets. However, the FSIS said that they did not receive any complaint of injury or sickness after eating those nuggets. Further, Perdue has admitted in a press release that it hadn’t discovered current wood contamination issue in any of its remaining products. We can firmly inform that the incident is isolated and only a few packages of chicken nuggets are potentially contaminated with wood pieces. Besides that, the company said that it has recalled the product due to a careless process.

Food safety expert Felicia Wu was underscoring some common reasons of wood contamination in food, while she explained that wood or metal pieces can be found in any processed food product if a part of machinery breaks off amid the processing chain. The incident could take place anywhere in the food processing industry. The director of Northeastern University for Food and Food Industries program, Darin Detwiler, elaborated, a few processing unit uses X-rays to measure the density of food and strictly searches for the contamination before they send the product out of the factory. However, the wood part is a bit hard to find in X-rays process. In food processing industry recalls for salmonella, pathogens, and listeria are happen more often than anyone think, and they are not so grave to be publicized. Besides, many contaminations based on rubber, plastic, metal, physical debris, and glass are determined more serious as they could lead to harm, he added.

Meanwhile, Felicia Wu advised consumers, if they wanted to eliminate such concerns, they could maximally avoid consuming food that is heavily processed. It is realty, the more processed food products one will prefer, will often face issue food contamination as the machinery used in the process could accidentally mix with the food.


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