Height & Weight Potentially Influence Women’s Lifespan, Study Says

The latest study done by European researchers has discovered that height and weight of woman can influence her lifespan comparatively more than that of men. They also found that amount of exercise also differently impacts on women and men. Researchers at Maastricht University Medical Center had commenced the study by analyzing information of 4161 women and 3646 men, whose age were ranging 68 to 70. They had taken data from participants regarding their current weight and height and also asked them for how many time they do a physical workout. The physical workout term had included activities such as dog walking, gardening, walking, cycling, and sports. Researchers classified the participants into three groups based on the total time of daily physical activity such as less than 30 minutes, up to 60 minutes, and more than 90 minutes. They followed the participants till the age of 90 or their death.

After, the finding was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, exhibiting that women who still exists at the age of 90, are of average height, and lost some weight throughout the study span. Those women had maintained their weight since the age of 20 and were healthier than those who were shorter and heavier. Precisely, those women who were above 175 cm height had 31 percent more possibilities to reach the age of 90 than the women who were less than 160 cm height. But, researchers have not discovered any relevance in height and weight of men’s lives. While studying the effect of physical activities on man’s and woman’s life span, researchers found a diverse effect based on diverse sexes.

Researchers have already proven that physical activities are linked with a longer life. Maastricht University’s researchers also found the same and said that physical activities exhibited the same impact in the case of men and women. Thus, they suggested that the more time men engage in a physical workout, the more they steer to reach the age of 90. By exercising more 30 minutes a day can increase men chances by 5 percent of turning 90. More specifically, men who did activities for more than 90 minutes per day were 39 more likely to turn in 90 than those who did a physical workout for less than 30 minutes. However, women are advised to avoid physical activities, they can spend 60 minutes in physical activity if they wanted to live longer.


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