China Banned Microsoft’s Bing

On Wednesday, Chinese authorities have banned Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, the company reported. China had buried the foreign technology service behind its Firewall. Microsoft informed that it had verified China had blocked the search engine and moving forward to resolve the issue. The company is confronting the technological difficulty in China for the second time since 2017. It was stumbled for the first time when the Skype calling and messaging service expelled from Android and iPhone stores. After imposing a ban, Bing’s China website was redirecting the users to a page showing that the server cannot be reached. As per informed by a source from the Financial Times, a Chinese telecommunication giant, Unicom had assured that China federal authorities had ordered to ban the search engine. However, government observer, Cyberspace Administration of China has refused to comment on the ban on Bing.

Bing had been a foreign search engine, which was accessible in China. Microsoft had also taken efforts for its survival in China; it censored arguable topics from the website, and mate with government policy’s requirements. Microsoft was sharing a partnership with 21Vianet, a Chinese data center provider to provide it’s another range of product in China including Azure and Office 365. Chinese authorities had also blocked the world’s most popular search engine, Google, back in 2010. In last December, Google CEO, Sunder Pichai reported that it hasn’t any plan to relaunch Google in China; it has been analyzing how to re-enter in Chinese businesses.

China has tightened its control in internet form 2016 under the governance of president Xi Jinping as the ruling party of China is trying to eliminate disputable social media contents. CAC said that it had deleted nearly 7 million unwanted online elements and 9,382 mobile apps on Wednesday.


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