Amazon Set to Add Robots in Delivery Service

Amazon Inc. will soon deliver its packages through a robot in the residential area of Seattle. Its latest move is likely to be an interesting experiment that probably impacts costly and labor-intensive on online buying. On Wednesday, the company has announced that it will initiate a trial for Amazon Scout deliveries, through a cooler-sized device that slithers along the sidewalks. Vice president of robotics department at WTWH Media, Dan Kara said that delivering packages through a robot outside on the city potentially critical job, because, it would need more efforts than using robots for common uses such as around the warehouses, hospitals or hotels. At outside in the city, the robot has to confront against diverse weather conditions, sharp inclines, and other obstacles that put heavy challenges in front of engineering.

The robots probably need a new street infrastructure that has advanced sidewalks, but most of the world didn’t have that, and not in the United States, Kara said. He praised the experiment but expressed wise concerns about its implementation. Robots are already working in Amazon’s inventory structure, where they move inventory at extremely wide warehouses. The company has been delivering parcels by autonomous drone form years. The experiment is introducing the latest technology to a work that mostly handled by human and potentially overlaps United Parcel Service and Postal Service. According to a survey, nearly 1.4 million Americans are engaged in the package delivery process.

A few startup companies such as Kiwi are also experimenting with robot deliveries at the campus of the University of California. Savioke uses robots to deliver items in hospitals and hotels.


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