30 minutes of Physical Activity Can Lower Health Risks Emerged by Sedentary Lifestyle

Since industrialization, the U.S. has been witnessing an emerging number of desk workers. According to research, the sedentary work-life can severely impact on health and even it causes to premature death. The study also suggested that a 30 minutes daily physical activity can hinder the risk of sedentary working life. A team of researchers from Columbia University has analyzed 7,999 physically fit people aged nearly 45 and above who had already participated in a study for which they were asked to wear activity monitors 4 times during a span of four years. They collected the data recorded in those monitors, which had interpreted intensity, amount, and duration of physical activity done by participants in five years. Researchers also analyzed the modalities and health issues of participants through the data.

Researchers discovered that spending 30 minutes daily in light physical exercise could lower the risk of early death by 17 percent. Engaging more time in vigorous intensity physical activities will positively impact on health and can lower the mortality risk by 35 percent. Even 1 to 2 minutes of exercise heavily benefits for a healthy life. Keith Diaz, from Columbia University, the lead author of the study said that if one is an office worker who spent most of his time sitting to the desk can lower the early death risk by maintaining physical movement often. Either one should spend an hour in high-intensity exercise such as running, aerobics or lower-intensity activities including walking, stretching and so on.

As per evaluated by CDC, 25 percent of desk workers spent more than eight hours be seated and 40 percent of Americans show boredom for physical activities. Both lifestyles are evenly leading to lethal health issues. As already proven, a sedentary lifestyle is linked with many deadly health risks. A cardiologist from Memorial Care Heart & Vascular Institute, California, Dr. Sanjiv Patel said that sitting for more than six or eight hours a day certainly increases the risks of truncal obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, hypertension. It also increases the risk of metabolic syndrome which leads to stroke, heart attack, and even death.


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